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CitEcart subpar customer support and lousy equipment lousy un cooperative Charleston, SC 29414 South Carolina!!. I have had Nothing with my CitEcart since I bought it and the CitEcart people are nonresponive. they blame dealer and the problem is I followed up with ?CitEcart personally so I know THE COMPANY is the problem. my dealer wont deal with them any more or deal with them for parts. I was told by THE COMPANY that they had a new dealer But I called Dealer #2 and they stated that dealer#2 refused to handle them because of THE COMPANY lack of parts which is the problem I have experince SIX WEEKS I need the part today and you are the manufacture point and you want me to pay shipping after waiting 6 weeks and your web site sucks YES I WANT ALL THE PARTS CALL 251 533 4874 TO AFFIRM ALL DETAILS OF YOUR COMPANY’S LACK OF CUSTOMER NEEDS i—— COMPANY’S Original Message ———- From: Kevin Marques <[email protected]>To: [email protected]: Re: vin 1g9ba2117fg4110 cart I need parts forDate: Thu, 08 Jun 2019 21:05:08 +0000 Hi Carmbru01, the passanger axle is part number # 2402100-077 currently not in stock $148.75 plus shipping. if you would like to proceed with the order is about 6-8 weeks out. let me know what you’d like to do so i can further help you. Ticket: c54b0c5bc5c3e3b63f1d Kevin Marques Bintelli, LLC

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