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Re: Letter dated 8/26/13 from G. Stevens, VP Citibank, NA as servicer for Sears Home Improvement: I received this letter that indicated my payment arrangement was terminated. It has been a difficult summer being the primary caregiver for my father, Edward J. Borowski, who has been a loyal Citibank customer for over 40 years. My name, Paul Borowski, is listed on his bank statement as Power of Attorney. In June, he was determined to have diabetes and I now am at his house every morning before work to check on his blood sugar and medications. In early August, he lost control of his car and I have now, taken away his driving privileges and taking care of his and my house. In May, I did delete the auto debit, not due to lack of funds, but rather, for personal reasons, which have subsided. I have proof of these items in writing and would hope that Citibank would reconsider renewing my payment plan, rather than having this hard rule due to difficult family circumstances. I understand auditors, as being a long time banker myself, but my 6 day late payment after the cycle date was not lack of money, but rather lack of time. Please re-consider. Sincerely, Paul E. Borowski

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