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Complaint: The City of Colorado Springs charges outraegeous price for speeding tickets! It’s simply unbelieveable. They have speed limits posted of 35 mph in an over crowded city on main streets. This only creates traffic jams everywhere you go. I have never gotten off with a warning the 18 years I have lived in this City. Its always about the money! They charge you a whopping $195 for going over the speed limit by 15 mph. The speed limit in city limits should be at least 45 mph.Its like the speed limit is posted that low on purpose. These are outraegeous charges for speeding tickets in a economy that is not doing so well. And if you get caught speeding in a school zone its a whopping $300! Don’t get me wrong I’m all about keeping our school zones safe. But this shouldn’t be a way for the city to get rich off of its citizens!

Tags: Police

Address: 224 E Kiowa St Colorado USA


Phone: 719) 385-5922

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