City Wide Movers, Inc. Review


The worst shady movers. They will not take care of your personal property as evidenced by dragging my expensive cast aluminum patio table across the red deck and setting it on bare concrete driveway and scratching the side. This citywide movers is now contracting the work out, using small contractors like family movers with old oil leaking trucks (huge spot in both driveways). | They are mostly shady illegal immigrants. they will quote you a low price, send you a quote stating no hidden fees. Pick up was at 10 am on time and arrived at 12:30 pm at new residence on 01/10/2019, that’s 2.5 hours. Once they have your furniture in their truck at your new place they (immigrant Jonathan) will fumble with the immense paperwork for 45 minutes prior to unloading, telling you how he is going to charge you $255 extra for a few feet of yellow tape and reused cardboard. | Even though the quote says there is no additional charges, and if you donít want to pay it they will not release your personal property. | if you choose to use this Citywide movers (aka Family Movers), I highly suggest you park your car in front of their truck at your new place, then donít move it until they move your property inside and honor their written quote. Watch out for the immigrant tough guy who goes by the alias of Jonathan who will also collects your good pens.


Name: City Wide Movers, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Chicago

Address: 4600 W Palmer St Suite #100

Phone: 1 773-527-0525


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