Claiming to be from Ferring Pharmaceuticals


I received a text asking me for an interview. Very abrasive. I decided to play along. They wanted to do an interview over yahoo messenger. Ultimately they asked for my bank information which I would not give them – they wanted to have me purchase 500+ dollars worth of software to work from home for their company. This company is a legitimate company but these people in no way work for this company. I kept trying to back them into a corner and they would get very angry, so I would continue to play along. They gave me their individual’s name that needed Western Union money wired to, but that was as far as I took it. I hope no one actually falls for this and gives them their banking information or more so gives them any money! What is unfortunate is that they are using a real businesses information so it can fool people!. I demand They demanded over 500.00 to start working from home. Stay away

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