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Complaint: On 1/30/2016, Johnny Imah of Classic Car Sales sold me a 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman. Within three days, the check engine light came on. I immediately took the car to an auto repair shop. They determined that the vehicle has many problems but that this specific issue could be caused by one or more of the following: One (or both) solenoids are malfunctioning Wrong motor oil Timing system needs to be rebuilt They tested the solenoids and found no issue. They changed the motor oil. I drove it for a few days and the check engine light came on again. On 2/9/2016, I took it back to the auto shop and they kept it overnight for testing. The next day they told me that the timing system needed to be rebuilt. They also felt that the lower tie rods were at the point of failure along with the water pump and the thermostat. They were sure that the warranty company would cover a lot of the repairs. I spoke with Johnny Imah that day (2/10/2016) in person at his office. He told me that he wants for me to be a satisfied customer. He asked for me to go through the warranty company and have the repairs done and to speak with him afterwards. He said he would do what it takes to make me a satisfied customer. I had the auto shop contact the warranty company. The warranty company sent out an inspector who agreed with the their assessment. The warranty company agreed to pay $3449.75. This left me with the remaining balance of roughly $2143.10 to pay out of pocket. This was on 2/11/2016. I authorized the repairs. I received the car back on 3/1. I have asked Classic Car Sales to pay $1800 (my out of pocket minus the water pump and thermostat). He has refused to pay anything.

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Address: Dallas, Texas USA


Phone: 9723656935

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