Classic Optical Center Review


This eye care center is run by a very shady individual — acting like a used car salesman, he swindles customers into making purchases on glasses and contacts that are completely over-priced. He convinced me to put in an order of contacts for $168 — for 4 boxes — which is almost double normal price. Two weeks later the contact order was incorrect, and after asking for my money back, I was given the complete run-around. I explained that $168 for 4 boxes is too much – and that I can get twice as much any where else. I asked why I would pay them for the contacts and he says “to help the economy.” I ask for 8 boxes for that price and then never hear back. I call to get my money back and he hangs up. I call again and he says he can’t find my file and to call again later. I checked Yelp and this has happened to many before me. I want my money back and for this to not happen again to anyone else. .

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