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Loss or stolen items whose value was $3750.00. Mover staff coercion to sign documents 1. Documents were held in the hands of the moving lead, stacked in a pile and only the signature line was visible by client at the time of signing. The mover physically held the documents only allowing the signature line to be visible and stood over the client while emphasizing he was running late and up against time restraints. Mover lead was intimidating the client by insisting the client move quickly so he could get to weigh station before closing. 3. Documents were not presented for signature until the end of move out when truck was loaded and time was short. At no time prior to the residence being emptied and the truck loaded did the mover provide the documents for review. 4. Document contents were not explained and no time was allowed by the mover lead for the client to read the documents. 5. Insurance options for valuing household goods were never mentioned. The only option presented was .60/lb. The client was never offered or shown a document that provided for a higher valuation of items being moved. Options for insurance were never offered. Bait and switch practices Final move cost was more than 200% of original estimate suggesting that the estimate was low-balled by Budget in order to secure job. Payment system was not presented accurately and Budget agent misled client. Budget clearly explained that the total payment would be made in three parts. An initial deposit, a payment with the signed agreement, another payment when the mover picked up and the remainder when the mover made the delivery. Classic demanded a second payment after the pick up. Bringing total payments to five. 3. Budget never explained the mover/broker relationship. Client did not know of Classic or their role until after agreement was made and monies provided by client. Therefore, the client was unable to evaluate the worthiness of Classic through his own investigation of their business practices. Budget/Classic demanded five payments during the moving process; the client was told there would be four. 6. Unscheduled Payments were demanded without notice. Budget claimed a 48-hour notice would be given prior to arrival of movers at move out. Classic called at 2pm on the day prior to the move out. The move out day therefore fell on a Federal Holiday resulting in an up charge in fees. 8. Budget claimed a 48-hour notice prior to arrival of movers at move in. Client was given only 4-hour notice prior to arrival of movers at move in. Classic called to alert the client of the immanent arrival of clientís belongings five hours before arrival. Movers used additional packing materials without consultation with or permission from client. Client was present at move out and had additional packing materials available for the mover. 11. Additional packing materials were priced at several times above market price. 12. When the client inquired, Budget stated the move in delivery period was seven days. When inquired, Classic stated the move in delivery period was ten days. Unprofessionalism 1. Driver arrived in Orlando in rented Ryder truck without adequate directions. Driver arrived at move in alone and without any additional labor for move in. Driver was required to hire day labor off the street for move in. The day laborer clearly had no experience as a mover. The mover was constantly directing the day laborer on how to move items. The day laborerís lack of experience on how to move boxes on steps resulted in numerous dishwares to be ruined. 4. Day laborer hired by driver had no prior moving experience and may have been underage. 5. Driver arrived at move in wearing a t-shirt, basketball shorts and flip-flops. Driver became lost in Altamonte Springs and required the client to leave his home, search for the driver on city streets and lead him to the move in destination. 7. Substantial amount of dishware broken by day laborerís use of hand truck on stairs leading into the move in location. Lot numbers were not consistently used and they did not appear on most items delivered at move in. Driver demanded incorrect amount due at move in. Classic Customer Service Belligerent and disrespectful attitude by Barbie in Classic customer service. Barbie was impatient with the client and would not allow the customer to fully explain his concerns. Non-responsiveness of Classic customer services. The client had to repeatedly contact Classic to obtain status reports on the lost items. 3. Although follow up calls were promised they were not made by Classic customer services. 4. Although the client left several messages, messages remained unreturned by Classic customer services. Lack of timely action by Classic customer services when items were reported missing. 6. Classic customer service did not provide detailed information about claim process when queried. NO MENTION HAS EVER BEEN MADE AS TO A MEDIATION PROGRAM FOR CLIENTS TO SEEK RELIEF FOR THEIR LOSSES. Classic customer service refused to help client read illegible household goods inventory, merely providing scanned copies, which were illegible. 8. As a result of the move out notice being made outside the stated notice (less than forty eight hours) period resulting in increased expense for client for contracted packing services on a holiday. Move out notice was made outside the stated notice (less than forty eight hours) period resulting in increased expense for client for mover holiday charges. .

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