Claudia Proft Review


When my (now) husband moved away from Henderson, Nevada, I was told (right before he was moving to California ) that he had not completed his divorce! I discovered that the divorce could be as short as a week in Nevada, so his ex-wife, Jeni, said she would do it, but claimed she couldn’t afford her portion. She even claimed she had all paperwork prepared and notarized. I said that I would loan her HER portion of the divorce, and she promised that she would submit the ALREADY PREPARED paperwork to the courthouse. She promised to repay me. We wait for notice that the divorce is final, and a month later, I see online that there is no information regarding the divorce. She had taken the money, and claimed she didn’t do what was promised, and had to spend the money elsewhere…. never any communication from her towards myself…. when asked when it would be done, i was ignored. We went to Henderson the next month and retrieved the paperwork from her and filed it properly that day. THEY WERE DIVORCED A WEEK LATER. When she was asked WHY she wasn’t communicating about this, she claimed that HE ( her ex) owed her money. UMM, He was married by her only after his mother passed away and he inherited a LOT of money. She never contributed to their union financially, and she cheated on him with several men (AS, QM, etc…) during the course of their marriage. Yes, he stayed too long. Honestly, I just want my money.


Name: Claudia Proft

Country: United States

State: Nevada

City: Henderson




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