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My experience with Clear Perspective Financial Planning has been very painful. I have noticed that my advisor at this place doesnít care about my financials at all. No, instead of caring about me, they focus on their income and earnings. The people at this firm are very unethical and selfish. Itís obvious from their behaviour. 

I know all this because I believe my advisor at Clear Perspectives Financial Planning gives me cookie-cutter advice. They pretend to give me personalized advice but itís actually very generic. I really expected better services than this. If I had any idea that this firm would turn out to be this lazy and careless, I wouldnít have given my business to them. I wouldnít have made that decision at all. 

Let me clarify what a cookie-cutter advice is. Cookie-cutter advice is generic advice financial planners give to their clients when they donít care about their financial success. Itís a template-like advice which they give to everyone. A financial planner has to put effort into trying to understand their clientís individual requirements and create a financial plan that helps the client achieve their financial goals. Clearly, a financial advisor should provide personalized service to their clients. It takes a lot of time and effort to understand a clientís unique requirements. I have worked with plenty of service providers to know that. 

However, the people at Clear Perspective Financial Planning donít believe in giving sufficient time to their clients. They are too lazy to provide personalized services to their clients. It seems as if a clientís financial success is among the least of their concerns. I have noticed that my financial advisor doesnít like to give me much time. They are too concerned about their other clients. It might be a big reason why they choose to give me cookie-cutter advice than genuine advice. I should clarify one thing. My advisor hasnít said anything directly that would offend me. Itís their behaviour that bugs me the most in this regard. When someone behaves very rudely and carelessly itís obvious that they donít like to talk to you. This is what I have noticed during my meetings with my financial advisor from Clear Perspectives Financial Planning. 

Before writing this review, I read a bit about cookie-cutter advice. And let me tell you one thing, giving cookie-cutter advice is among the worst things a financial advisor can do. When your advisor gives you generic advice in place of personalized advice, it means that you wouldnít get the best results possible. Itís the duty of a financial advisor to give the best possible recommendations to their client. So when a financial planner resorts to giving cookie-cutter advice, they are doing a disservice to their client. Itís a big reason why Iím so disappointed with Clear Perspectives Financial Planning. I never expected such horrible service from these people. 

In my opinion, it would be better to hire a financial firm thatís smaller in size. At least those people wonít give you cookie-cutter advice and deceive you into thinking that they care about you. If the people at Clear Perspectives Financial Planning truly cared about their clients, they wouldn’t have resorted to giving cookie-cutter advice to their clients. Itís very sad and disappointing. You donít expect an expensive service provider to provide you with subpar service. Itís better to burn your cash than to pay a service provider like this. 

Clear Perspectives Financial Planning Review: Final Thoughts

The people at Clear Perspectives Financial Planning give cookie-cutter advice to their clients. There is very little personalization in their service. And believe me, you want a financial advisor that provides personalized service, otherwise, you wouldnít get the best results possible. 

Because of their cookie-cutter advice and their terrible client service, I donít recommend doing business with them. You should find a financial planner that actually cares about you and your financial success. Their behaviour has been very disappointing too. In my opinion, it would be better to hire a smaller financial firm with fewer clients so they wouldnít give such terrible service. 

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