ClearMask Protective Films LP


ClearMask Protective Films LP Total Jerks who will do anything to NOT back their product. Trinidad Texas!!. Total Jerk(s)!The first issue (out of about 6 kits now) was that I paid for next day shipping. However, the kit hadn’t been shipped for over 5 days due to some internal problem. When I called and asked for ClearMask, and the order had not shipped in 5 days, and requested a change to standard shipping (vs. Next Day), I was told they would check on it. Suddenly the order was shipped Next Day. When I asked staff about why I should pay them for the expedited shipping I got nothing but attitude and tap dancing – nothing was their fault.My most recent issue is that on the window film portion of the kit (3 pieces) the adhesive released on the Aeroguard film over 20% of the 3 pieces.When I made contact with ClearMask staff I had the unfortunate displeasure of speaking with Mike. This guy Mike, talked more than he listened, and insisted that it was a poor install (my fault), and that the film was fine. Mike couldn’t fathom that maybe they could offer the 3 pieces at a discounted price – it was all just my fault – and I could buy the 3 replacement pieces at full price.The point: the kits can be good. Of the 5-6 ClearMask kits (and several from their competitor(s)) I’ve purchased, this is the 1st where I’ve had a problem and felt the film was the isssue.So buyer beware – if you buy, you have zero warranty support. And should you call, be prepared for some thick-headed, one-sided arguing, with someone like MIke that will leave frustrated and your wallet lighter after purchasing their product.Of note: I spoke with 3M, and they provide zero warranty for self-installation.Recommendation: save your money, and for more fun guaranteed than calling CM for Customer service – just have your neighbor drill out your molars with a power drill and no anesthetic. The drilling will be much rewarding than call CM Support ever could’ve been.Good luck.

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