Clearview Debt Holdings Review


I received a call from someone claiming to be a sheriff from my city, they used they spoofed the caller id and used the local sheriffs number. He seemed very sincere and asked me for some background on a loan from a year prior and said there was an outstanding balance and that this company had sent a deposition to my jurisdiction and was proceeding with criminal charges for bad checks. He said he hasn’t seen creditors do this before but it was perfectly legal. He said to call their lawyer and try to make arrangements before the end of the business day to avoid being arrested. Like a fool. I did. I called this lawyer who also seemed sincere and was willing to take 200 today and set up a payment plan. I gave him my card information and he took 200. Soon realized something was off, I called the REAL police and they took my report and said it was a scam. The debit was from clearview debt holdings.. i called this “lawyer” back and he told me I was the sucker for giving him my card information (i kind of was) and that he was clear in India.


Name: Clearview Debt Holdings

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Amherst

Address: 2001 Niagara Falls Boulevard 9

Phone: (877) 484-7035


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