ClearWire Complaint


A year and a half of Hell. We wanted out of our contract early on because our service was inconsistent. Then we swtiched our phone service to Vonage not realizing that inconsistant internet service would mean horrible phone service. Our fax machine would not work. Vonage did us right. Good for them and I will always say good things about them. Unfortunately, Clearwire had us by the belt and wanted $275.00 to get out of the contract. Ridiculous. After many hours with tech support, upping our service at their request (which by the way, there is a penalty to go back to your original plan with Clearwire if the supposive upgrade doesn”t produce results), moving modem around, and the the other BS they hand out didn”t help one bit. It was a nightmare. A horrible, stressful nightmare we were finacially tied to. Finally, we gave in. Couldn”t take the stress anymore and cancelled our contract to the tune of $160.00. When we called to cancel is when they finally offerred free tech support to come to our house. We were already cooked by then, and we declined. Then the bite is, we met a local Clearwire rep and he said no way he could sell us Clearwire ethically knowing we were in a “gray area”(Clearwire term). We live in a hollar, the Clearwire towers are a mile to our left and right on the other side of two “old” mountains. We called the big dogs at Clearwire supposably, and they were going to fix it for us, give us our “get out of contract fee” back after we played a little game with the modem. Made an appointment with Clearwire big dog to call us at their request, and got the modem out and plugged in to electricity. The call never came. I have emails confirming the call. I called and spent two and half hours wasting my time and breath, being told I was being “sensitive”. I was pissed off and it was our fault that we got faulty service according to them, and that I didn”t talk to the right people. I could go on and on. We had a year and a half of issues with them. What a waste of time and a run around. They do not care about giving people good service. All they are interested in is trickery. I didn”t know it was my job to do their job. I am tired of this whole Clearwire thing. It has worn us to a nub. DON”T GET CLEARWIRE UNLESS YOU ENJOY HELL!!! Because the economy is bad, they are taking advantage and robbing people.

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