Clemmons BP Lewisville North Carolina


Complaint: Just avoid problems by avoiding this BP station. They don’t deserve your business. But if you must go to this station, please don’t purchase a car wash. But if you must purchase a car wash, please ask if it works before you pay for it. But if you pay for it and it doesn’t work, just kiss your money good-bye. Evidently there’s something quirky about this particular car wash. On the day we visited, we purchased a wash directly at the pump while filling up. We got a receipt with the code, went the car wash and entered the code, then pulled in until the light instructed us to STOP (it’s a car wash, not brain surgery). We sat there and watched the entire apparatus go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth for about five minutes. No water. No soap. No air. No wash. Pretty patterns of bird poop still on my windshield. I was afraid to pull out until the sequence was completed. When I went into the store, I told the clerk it had not worked. He looked at me and asked, “Have you done this car wash before?”” I said no

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Address: and he replied with

Website: since he had already printed out another code and as soon as he had time he would go out and show me how to “”do it right.”” I told him it was hot and I had a child in the car and we all didn’t want to wait any longer and I wanted my money back. he said he’d call the owner. The owner said he wouldn’t give my money back. I left

Phone: “”You did it wrong.”” I told him I wanted a refund

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