Cleoplous Scott lll Sagamihara


Complaint: I been in a relationship with this guy over 6 years I met him from internet itu2019s called we supposed to see in person next month. We video chat n called mostly everyday. he kept telling me love me care for me want to married be happy with me ONE DAY he lost his ATM card starting issue about money the time he didnu2019t have job but he always receive money from us army retirement check but he couldnu2019t get cash out and I knew he told me he already order new ATM card on the way but they said hurricane hit to Florida so going to be late this time i sent money in first time then he got arrested from beaten his sisters boyfriend so went to jail and came out paid bond money his self and he told me he need money for hire lawyer so I sent it again after that I sent money till new card arrived itu2019s total $3471. He said he retired us army Now he working driving company itu2019s called convenient transport and sister called me he got bad accident and he is in the hospital in Arkansas he is coma she didnu2019t want to tell me which hospital and I couldnu2019t find local news about it so I reach out to his job and they said he is alive driving never get accident after all the lied with his family I canu2019t get response from him or reached out and he sent me massage that told me sent me back date but never happened after he disappeared

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Address: 5410 Old Colony RD Indianapolis , Indiana Uzbekistan


Phone: (269) 491-7629u202c

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