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As a small business owner to other small business owners, please do not use the services of I do not wish this pain on anyone. They solicited me as so many SEO, and SEM companies do. I liked there services offered because they said they had an affiliation with Yahoo and Google. As my business grew and I recieved more and more solicitations, I learned everyone uses this phrase. I agreed to 6 month upfront in 2 categories. That is when it got really bad. The rep they gave me is totally incompitant and unable to even put a sentence together. Thier listing site is horrible, they posted my ad without my authorization, by pulling my logo off my site and using literature they made up. They never recieved my ad text to fix and will not reutrn my emails to fix. And lets not forget the costs, the first 6 months was over 3k. That was all the first 2 weeks. 4 months later, they never sent any analytics on my ad, I never recieved 1 lead, and now they are trying to run my credit card for renewal. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. CLICK IS AN OVER PRICED THIRD PARTY PASS THROUGH SITE. THESE GUYS ARE LIARS, DO NOT PROVIDE A SERVICE, AND ARE NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH YAHOO and GOOGLE. I AM ORGANIZING A GROUP FOR LAWSUIT PLEASE RESPOND WITH YOUR COMPLAINTS AND LETS FIGHT THIS TOGETHER. IT IS UNFORTUNATE WHERE THE SEO AND SEM MARKETING PROACTICES HAVE GONE.

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