Clipper Equity, LLC. Review


It makes me feel like a great situation has been soiled because for 2.5 years my experience with Riverwatch was amazing. | HOWEVER | In the past few months, we’ve experienced a SIGNIFICANT amount of ROACHES. ALL OVER THE APARTMENT. | They started mainly in the kitchen area. We filed requests for the building to help. They came and did nothing – rubbed some gel on the side of our fridge. | We suspected they were living UNDER / BEHIND the fridge & stove, so WE moved the appliances OURSELVES and found DOZENS of LIVE roaches. We sprayed them with raid, killed them, and watched as more and more came in thru the holes in the walls behind the appliances created by the piping. | We even found one IN THE DISHWASHER AFTER IT WAS RUN. | When we told the building this and that they needed to do something else, they came and put “TRAPS” down in the bathrooms. To this day, ONE single roach has been caught on those traps in the past 3 months. DOZENS UPON DOZENS have been roaming freely throughout the apartment. | HOWEVER, they are NO LONGER confined to the kitchen floor behind/under the appliances. They’ve been found IN OUR BATHTUB WHILE SHOWERING, as well as INSIDE OUR CLOSETS and IN OUR BEDROOMS. | The building’s response? “Don’t use the RAID spray as it will interfere with the exterminator’s work, it’s okay they will leave eventually”. Really? It’s been SEVERAL MONTHS of this, and as a room we’ve been VERY patient waiting and waiting for each visit from the exterminator promising to fix our issue, but the issue has only GOTTEN WORSE over the past few months. | The building has also tried to say that WE are the reason the roaches exist. And even went as far as having an exterminator come in to our room and TAKE PICTURES OF OUR APARTMENT WHILE NOBODY WAS PRESENT IN THE ROOM NOR GAVE CONSENT TO TAKE THESE PICTURES and use them as justification for why we have the roaches and how they’ve followed standard operating procedure in attempting to eliminate them. | This is a MAJOR breach of our privacy and a LEGAL issue all on it’s own, in addition to the fact that our apartment has become UNLIVABLE. | We pay a HEFTY rent and this has become UNACCEPTABLE. Yet, despite this all, we have still chosen to live in the apartment and make it work. | HOWEVER, my personal breaking point in this issue came this morning, after being away from 10 days and I came back to my apartment early this morning, to observe the sight of NINE ROACHES SWARMING AROUND THE MIDDLE OF MY ROOM ON THE FLOOR, and quickly scattered into hiding. | My solution? LEAVING. I ABSOLUTELY HATE ROACHES BECAUSE THEY ARE DISGUSTING AND UP UNTIL THIS POINT THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN IN MY ROOM ASIDE FROM OCCASIONALLY, AND I LET IT SLIDE, BUT THE SIGHT OF THIS SWARM OF ROACHES *IN MY BEDROOM* WAS SO DISGUSTING I FELT FORCED TO LEAVE. | My bedroom is UNLIVABLE because being in there for more than 30 seconds knowing I’m surrounded by roaches makes me feel like I’m constantly wondering where the next one is going to show up, how I’m going to kill it, and if I don’t kill it, how I’ll be able to fall asleep that night knowing they will be popping out while I’m sleeping. | THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. I HAVE BEEN FORCED OUT OF MY OWN APARTMENT. | I did *NOT* want to write this negative review because of how truly GREAT my experience was with this building prior to the past few months, but this morning, as I mentioned, was truly my breaking point on this issue and I now feel compelled to let ANYONE considering this building know the truth of how they will operate if a situation like this arises in your apartment. | **I should note that IF the building cooperates in understanding our situation & properly addresses the concern we have, in understanding that the room has become UNLIVABLE & ensuring our rent for August is compensated for, given the living conditions & the improper handling of this issue, I WILL amend this review to make it a 5* review that truly reflects the experience I’ve had for the first 2.5 years in Riverwatch. Thank you.**


Name: Clipper Equity, LLC.

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Brooklyn

Address: 4611 12th Ave

Phone: 1 718-438-2804


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