Clockwork Catz Review


There is a Ragdoll cattery in Toccoa Georgia called Clockwork Catz ran by Nora Ziemba. She advertises kittens with pedigree papers and charges you as such, plus many other fees, (for example pay her gas to drive to a local parking lot because she will not allow you to see her home. ) Her long long contract, signed by herself and the buyer, states you will have your kittens papers within 4 months. She then proceeds to give you every excuse that she canmot get you the papers but she is working on it. Such excuses include power outages and wrong printer cartridges. She will not give you the litter number of the kitten so you can get the papers done yourself and bypass her. She has delivered over 5 kittens that I know of and Im sure there are many more, with worms, earmites, and fleas, stating excuses for that as well. When you have asked politely numerous times for your papers and when you get a bit more forceful asking for your kittens papers, she calls you names and blocks you from corresponding with her. I just would like potential buyers to beware. Thank you.


Name: Clockwork Catz

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Toccoa

Address: 1268 Fernside Dr

Phone: (706) 491-2461


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