Closeout Genius Windsor Virginia Review


I regret not checking the integrity of this company before purchasing a GPS system from them. I believed this was a reliable company because I had used a comparison shopping site and Closeoutgenius had the best price. nNeedless to say, after I purchased the GPS online, I received a call confirming the order and trying to sell the 2009 map edition for an extremely inflated price. After I refused, the sales person immediately dropped the price and added some other incentives, and I bought the extras. He told me the GPS would be on the UPS truck that same afternoon. He gave me the total, which was wrong and did not reflect the advertised price. I cancelled the extras, the salesperson was ok with that, and said I’d receive the GPS in 2 weeks or so. nAfter a week, my card had not been billed and I had not heard from this company. My attempts at phone contact were unsuccessful – mostly getting dead air followed by a busy tone. I used a different phone to call them, and the call was immediately answered by a person – who transferred me to “customer service”” and was on hold for more than 30 minutes – and the call was never answered. nI logged into my Closeoutgenius account and saw that the status was “”backordered””. I had never received a call or email about this. I immediately cancelled my order and will be monitoring my credit account. I also notified the comparison shopping site of my complaint. nKristennWindsor

VirginiaU.S.A.” Internet U.S.A.

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