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Cloverly Automotive, Gary Clark (Owner) Run, don’t walk from Cloverly Automotive Ashton Maryland!!. I had my truck towed to Cloverly Automotive. The next day the owner (Gary Clark) called and said he needed $1000 to start work…I OK’d that. I supplied all the parts and told Gary if it needed more parts let me know and I’ll get them as my wife works for NAPA and get a large discount. I knew of a few things it needed, like brake lines and hoses, fluid, filters, battery, and the like. When I dropped off the parts most of those parts were already installed…no call, no estimate. Several days later Mr. Clark called and said I need an oil pan…I delivered the parts…again, no estimate. I wanted both fuel tanks replaced, if needed, so I supplied both tanks. Gary called again and said the front tank that I supplied was the wrong one, so he ordered and installed another one that fit…guess what? No call no estimate. I supplied both left and right, front and rear shakle brakets (4 total)….but only the rear ones were installed….the repair order said “remove and replace shackle brakets $1,190”, then on the next line “remove and replace shackle brakets $962″…Over $2000 to replace 4 shackle brakes!!! BUT, I was never called to get an estimate…they just went to work on my truck and did whatever they wanted. I was called to tell me that the rear window was going to be $300…so I know their phones could make out going calls…just not to me. The only call I got was to tell me the truck was done and I owed a balance of $3999…on top of the $1000 that I previously OK’d..!!! I get the truck home and while washing the tires in the rear I noticed that the left front and right front shackle brakes weren’t replaced….I thought maybe they didn’t need it, so the brackets I supplied would be in the vehichle…they weren’t. I went down to speak with Mr. Gary Clark and he told my parts weren’t there…but the were..!!! I asked him why he charged me double (Shakles) and only half were done with not returned parts and he mumbled something about hours, but wouldn’t/couldn’t answer any of my questions….Then I found ALL of the lug nuts were not even finger tight (not touching the wheel at all)…I have pictures, witnesses, lawyers….this guy is a straight up rip off…everywhere I go, everyone I see, will be told to run, don’t walk away from Gary Clark and Cloverly Automotive. There are plenty of auto repair places very near there…THIS is really only the Readers Digeat version…there are MANY more details….now I am find puddles of oil coming from the oil pan they replaced…what else didn’t they do or not do and still charge me $5,000…!!!! RIP-OFFF Here’s the deal…no one EVER called with an estimate…they just did the work without ANY authorization…EVER…they just said to start…$1000…then they call to let me know the vehicle was ready and cough up another $3999….do the math…$4999…that’s 5 grand in my book, and some of the most important repairs weren’t done…yet I was charged twice. Something needs to be done…I really need help nailing this guy…!!!

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