Club Fitness Guilford Connecticut Review


Club Fitness in Guilford CT is where I signed up for their free one week trial membership. On day 6 of my free trail i walked into Club Fitness to find once again that there was a waiting line to use the equipment. nOn Jan 20,2004, They were overbooked, so i am getting angry at this and decide to go buy a bottle of water at the front desk when i am notified by some -Guy- behind the desk that he can’t find my one week free-trial paper work that was filled out 6 days ago. nHe informs me in a “tough-luck-pal”” tone of voice that i had to fill out the paperwork again for the free-one-week-trail offer so i could come back one more day. nI responded by saying that i already filled out the paperwork and continued to purchase my bottle of water. The guy then opened up some sort of 3 ring binder and then slammed it shut and again claimed that i had to fill out the paperwork again. nI told him that i was not going to fill out paperwork again just for one more day of the free trail. My intentions were to join for $50 a month and continue working out even though they are over-booked for the 7am-10am windows. nBut NO! This guy at Club Fitness in Guilford CT called me some name under his breath and i said “”What did you just say to me?”” nHe responded by saying “”Why to you have to be such a… (pause)… Jerk?”” We all know what he really wanted to say instead of jerk. nI told him that i was leaving and would never come back. His response was “”good!”” I collected my things and as i was walking out i looked at him and said he was “”dumbass””. He stopped and turned around walking towards me in a threating posture speaking the words “”What did you say?”” nI held my ground and called him a “”dumbass”” right to his face and he looked at me and said “”bye!”” I said nothing and left. nIt appears that Club Fitness in Guilford CT could care less about customer service and even goes as far as to insult potential customers. I guess they can do this because they are the only fitness center in the Town of Guilford CT. nI am sure that the -guy- at Club Fitness in Guilford CT viewed me as some sort of “”free-loader”” because i was on the trial-membership. I was not about to take the chance of paying to be insulted and suggest to anyone considering joining this club to read this complaint. nWould i report them to the Better Business Bureau? NO! What for? The BBB is a joke and has no credible information. At least here i can present the facts for all the world to see. nMichaelnGuilford


705 Boston Post Rd Guilford, Connecticut U.S.A.


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