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Dear CMG, I am one of your disappointed customer, your CSR is not helping at all she put me on hold many times and cant even answer my question. I ask her very simple question (what is the update of my box?) and there is no fulfilling answer, she even ask her colleague what will be the answer and the worse case is I can hear them over the phone laughing and cheering for something else, and put me on hold again. I am totally disappointed, every other day I”m calling for feedback because my package was picked up over 90 days ago till date the package was not delivered and I am frustrated cause I call a week ago before this, the CSR confirmed that the delivery will be on 23rd of December but it”s near 2017 so I”m hopeless. yesterday”s call was a nightmare, the CSR told me I can”t track your package, I responded how come?, I”m in front of my PC looking at the your website tracking page, I can see the whole history of my box, and put me on hold again. My voice is too obvious that I am very frustrated she didn”t show empathy at all, she insisted that I should wait for the delivery cause the package was endorse in there agent in Philippines, I told her Ms. your CSR inform me that the box will be delivered 23rd of December and basically your promise time frame in your website is 60-65 days, 90 days of waiting is more than enough!, and she insist again that I should wait, off course do I have a choice I just want a simple update why its delay for delivery for over 30 days, and what is the status of my package. This is my first time to send package back at home and it is a nightmare with CMG, the CSR don”t know to handle frustrated customers, your CSR need to be trained. help is not spells [censored]d!

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