cmh trucking Amherst Wisconsin


Complaint: my boyfriend is currenty driving for this company under CMH, they are taking 20% of everything he makes including the fuel surcharge, they are getting him bad paying loads and are sending him to places that cheap frieght are all you can get. They are also charging him $600/month for trailer rental. They tell him he needs to put on 3000 miles a week in order to make money, why would you have to put on all those miles if you are getting paid percentage, doesnt make sence. Seems like all these companies are out to screw the drivers and I am tired of seeing my boyfriend getting screwed for working hard and want to put a stop to this. Please tell me how to get ahold of you bout doing a class action suit. This has got to stop, drivers deserve better than this. They dont have the luxury of being home in their nice warm beds at night like the owners of companies like this one who dishes out one sided contracts and then says “well you signed the contract”” and gets their equipment and fuel paid for and then goes home and sleeps good at night. SHAME ON THEM!!! Its time for drivers to start to fight back.”

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Address: burnsville, Minnesota USA



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