Coates & Frey Attorneys At Law LLLC Review


I was hopeful about this company until we actually got into court. I gave this firm over $25,000 and I won NOTHING in my divorce. I lost my possessions, custody of my (then) infant son, and ended up owing my cheating ex child support. The firm is now sending my account to collections because I still owe them $6,000 (on top of the 25) and I have been given the run around by many people there. They refuse to call me back or come to a settlement with me. I don’t believe I owe them anything else because the “services” I received were so below sub-par and resulted in my complete loss of my entire case. I had evidence that my ex was cheating and had gotten violent with me which is why I filed for divorce in the first place. My lawyer did nothing about it. Also, he was caught lying on the stand and once again my lawyer did nothing. My family was slandered and a false report was shown to the court of charges that didn’t exist and my lawyer LET IT HAPPEN! Please for the sanity’s sake do NOT use this firm. All they care about is taking your money and giving you horrible services in return. I know I paid them $600 toward my bill and it never went down it and actually went up $200. When I tried talking to someone about it I was sent from person to person and received no answers. You can bet they kept sending the bills though!


Name: Coates & Frey Attorneys At Law LLLC

Country: United States

State: Hawaii

City: Honolulu

Address: 900 Fort Street Mall Suite 1400

Phone: (808) 524-4854


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