Tony Spatola from COBALT-EDI ordered the Alusett System exhibition material for a tradeshow exhibit in July 2013. He sent a deposit check for 50% of the order that was declined by the bank. He paid for the 50% deposit with a credit card and asked us to run the other 50% on the card once the goods were delivered. When we run the card after delivery, the credit card was declined. We called and emailed Tony Spatola at Cobalt EDI numerous times but did not get any co-operation or response. The account was placed with a collection agency in September 2018 and as of today the collection agency has not been able to collect this delinquent account. Lesson to be learned is that when there is any doubt, get 100% of your money upfront. This is the first time we had dealt with Cobalt EDI also known as Exhibit Developers, Inc.

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