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Cobblestone AUTO SPA Mesa AZ I paid 35.99$ for a car wash. Obviously with extras. One of them wasn’t wiping down the interior. They just use a dry cloth on the dash for dust. Interior door, console, and seats are only washed with a detail. Constituting of $275 or 205 discounted if you schedule that day. Mike the so-called manager said if I didn’t like it to go somewhere else. He was rude belligerent argumentative and a terrible representative for the company Mesa Arizona!!. ATTENTION PEOPLE: DO NOT USE COBBLESTONE AUTO SPA! I just had my car washed at the car wash posted below on Higley and Southern. I paid $35 plus tip , for a car wash detail, basically outside and interior, with a few extras. When I got in my car there was still coke spilled on the door,the dash was still Dusty, I still had Palo Verde blooms all over my floor and in the back of my seats, and I’m not even sure if they really vacuumed. Nothing was cleaned inside. When I went back and asked why the interior wasn’t wiped down. They said they only wipe the dust off of the dash. I asked to speak with a manager. His name was Mike, didn’t have manager on his shirt or anything like that. He was exceptionally rude, unpleasant, belligerent, and argumentative. He said they only dust with a dry cloth to wipe the dust off the dash. if I want it detailed they’ll wash the doors and the console. And a detail cost $275 but they’ll give me a discount today for $205 if I schedule it today. They don’t use a wet rag to wipe down your doors, your dash or your console. To me this is part of getting your car washed. I would recommend that you tell everybody and everyone you know do not use that car wash. They suck.

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