Coco Bay Estates Caroline Alberta Review


On our last day in Tamarindo we were invited by a nice fellow to check out a great opportunity and bought us a fine meal and drinks. After being told of the pitch we decided to go upstairs and check it out further. We were told of the great places we could stay at after we became members and how inexpensive and exclusive we could have it as well as renting out our “weeks”” at coco bay. We put a lot of our savings into this and felt really secure until we left and started to feel ripped off. We went home feeling really ripped off. We tried to contact them after we got home bit to no avail. A year later I got a call from Legacy international

an escrow company asking if we’d like to rent our weeks or use them. We also had to option to sell them. We elected To sell them. Upon the details of the sale they wanted 6% up front for escrow fees. I thought this to be fishy but we thought if we can get our money back we’ll risk it. Upon the very brink of closing the deal they said they needed another 25% of the total sale up front to cover”” Mexican taxes”” we could not afford this and decided to cut our losses. Diego Perez was the “”associate”” at Legacy International Title and Escrow. I believe Coco Bay Estates and Legacy International are crime partners.”

Costa Rica

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