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COD Forklift AKA International Forklift & Equipment Export Scammed by COD Forklift out of THOUSANDS, Did NOT deliver full order Wilmington Delaware!!. Almost 2 months ago, I began my online search for a used fork lift for one of my companies. Eventually, I came across a listing for one that fit my- needs being offered by a company called “International Forklift & Equipment” in Deleware. After later googling the address of this company, I came across a different company name: “COD Forklift”. Very clearly written in this listing, it stated that the battery charger would be included with this sale. A man named J.R. Morris contacted me immediately and gave me intrusctions to WIRE him money. J.R. told stated that he would not ship the Forklift without the wire transfer complete and that any other means of payment would result in MULTIPLE WEEKS added onto the delivery time. It struck me as odd, but after debate- I did wire him the full amount. J.R. stated he would be providing me a tracking number for my order. He never did. Eventually, he instead gave me a cell phone number of a man named Tyler, whom he said would be transporting my order. When the order did arrive, it was missing the battery charger for the Forklift- which was an important and clearly advertised (and discussed) part of this purchase. Tyler could not provide me with any information. J.R. went from being easily contacted to M.I.A. The charger never came, and I have not heard from this company since. I had to repurchase the battery charger, which cost me a few thousand dollars. I’m disgusted by the lack off professionalism of this “Company”. This guy is a SCAMMER. DO NOT WIRE HIM ANY MONEY!!!!! Also, this company has another address in Philadelphia (2624 Island Av, PA 19153). Buyer Beware!

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