Code Blue – Cinderella – Paul Chung New York, New York Review


This company owner is known for stealing people’s merchandise. At first we were unaware of his reputation but after summary judgement from the court and how he tricked the system in order to get away without paying our balance. He and his company deserves a mention in this site. He used the old bait and switch by paying for merchandise as it arrived in the country for the first couple shipments it went ok. But the fourth shipment there is where trouble started. nMerchandise was delivered and when we went to collect a check, he called the cops on us and told us that he wasn’t going to pay us one dime. Cops came and said that we have to settle in court. We did, but the judicial system in this country helps the thieves not the victims. Now, he closed the corporation down so he doesnt have to pay a dime and reopened another corporation in the same location under his wife’s name. Business name is CINDERELLA. nMarcellonNew York,, New YorkU.S.A.

242-C West 36th Street New York, New York U.S.A.


Clothing Stores

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