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Developer was very narrow minded and talk down to me without knowing my skill trade or education level. He could not accept that aspx could be hosted on a webserver (named iis) He even went as far as making me go find the documentation to prove it before telling me i was splitting his nerves (oh the pain it must have been to be subjected to someone who knew other languages) The document i found actually proved him wrong 26 times but he refused to acknowledge it. I asked why he spent so much time arguing if he didn’t want to work. He made a smart comment and i called him something profane that he had coming for a long time. A moderator name Raleigh came rushing in and started berating me, he too dismissing every word i said. Also refusing to simply read what was so troubling, I was there to spend 1000 dollars and this guy was latched on to my every word trying to find any reason to justify being so defensive of his inept staff. Moral of the story is that this company has ZERO customer service skills or ability to handle a project in a professional manner – I would beware and treat it as a malicious site . With more focus on driving away a customer than pleasing one – i have no idea how they manage to be the chosen referrer of woocommerce – oh wait thats another story in itself…

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