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Prior to contacting an attorney, I was “googling” to find out my child custody rights. After hiring Shelby Hart at Coker Law Firm, I was still “googling for answers to my questions! I was told a $2500 retainer was required to get the case started. However, they did not start anything until I had paid them an additional $1500. After less than 30 days, I was presented with a bill totaling close to $10,000!! Plus, they billed my credit card over $11,000 with no explanation for the additional charges (Note: the case has still not been resolved and we have hired a new attorney). Shelby would argue with me regarding my requests. After I would finally get him to contact the opposing council he would take credit for the “win”. It was exhausting! I may as well have been dealing directly with my ex! I tried working through my billing issues and other concerns with Coker Law Firm. I went to their office in Frisco and met personally with Shelby Hart and Kelly Robb. | We spent 45 minutes discussing the concerns we had regarding the way some of the case had been handled. Kelly Robb seemed to understand some of the issues we had with our representation by Shelby Hart, and she asked me what I felt the bill should be. I told her I did not think it should be over $7,000. She wrote that down, but after a few days I received an email that said she could find nothing wrong with the billing.

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