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Complaint: I purchased a 2002 Titan Coyote Motorcycle from Coleman Power Sports on (date). Since that date I have had numerous problems with the motorcycle which reflect that the bike was not serviced nor inspected prior to me purchasing it on above listed date. Description of repairs since purchase date: *Replaced front and rear brakes (No life left on existing pads) *Replaced fork seals (existing seals were leaking) *Replaced rear bearings (squeek noise coming from rear of bike, said replacement didnt take the obnoxious squeek sound away) *Replacement of Headlight wiring assembly(short which caused headlight electrical assembly to melt and smoke perfusely)SAFETY HAZARD!! *Full Service Completed! (Due to one not being done prior to sale date) *Rear sproket retainer installed to elliminate squeek noise/rubbing noise. *Replaced rear drive belt. (snapped while driving down the road) Granted all repairs after purchase date were paid for by the store manager at Coleman Power Sports, however that dont change the fact that I have a bad taste in my mouth due to the countless issues that have surfaced after purchase date. This bike has been nothing but problematic for me and my patience is running thin as I have displayed endless amount of professionalism and patience til this point. I feel I have been ripped off and taken for thousands of dollars and can assure you I will NEVER do business with Coleman Power Sports again in the future. Chad Woodbridge, VirginiaU.S.A.

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Address: 14105 Telegraph Road Woodbridge, Virginia U.S.A.


Phone: 703-497-1500

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