Colonial Home Warranty Texas Review


Filed home warranty claim on 9/20 as home AC is not working. Received 2 emails from them as to the contractor they assigned. Received phone call from a third contractor for which I did not even receive notification from them. The contracor went to diagnose the issue on 9/24.Upon the inspection from the contractor he indicated that the pump on the unit packed up and will cost about $1200 to replace. The contractor was only able to get hold of the Colonial claims department on 9/27 as their claims system was out of order.Over the last two weeks I have called them 17 times and emailed twice. Eventually on 10/4 I got hold of them and they iinformed me the claim is denied as I do not have maintenance records for the last 3 years. I told them this is a 20 year old unit, if it was not properly maintained it would not have functioned this long. I then requested them to refund my policy money as I will be paying for the repair myself. I was then informed that they will be deducting all kinds of fees. If they were not going to pay for any warranty items this should have been specified and pointed out that they need 3 years of records at the time of policy puchase. If this was stated upfront I would not have purchased the warranty. The warranty was purchased in April 2012.

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