Color Marble INC Fontana California Review


I had read about numerous contractors scamming people who hire them so I decided to go with my contractor to this company Color Marble Inc to pick out the granite to be installed in my kitchen remodel. I was helped with this contractor by America (the salesperson). I gave the money to the cashier of $2300 in cash, and I was short by $70.00 so I payed that in credit. nWith all the problems with this contractor, we still did not get our granite installed, and on 4/18/12 I called this company to ask them if this contractor even picked up our granite. I spoke with Jessica the manager of Color Marble who told me that the contractor came back that afternoon and said that I did not want the granite afterall and asked for a refund. Color Marble Inc. gave my money that I payed to the contractor without even calling me to authorize! I gave the money, I should be the only one to get the refund! Jessica said that they have video tape in the store and will watch it to make sure. She called me back that afternoon and stated that they saw in the video that I gave the money; and the contractor returned later with someone else to get the refund, in which this America(the salesperson), who she also stated was new to the company, had given the contractor my money! Jessica also stated that the Policy of the company is to have all people in the party be Present at the time of Refund, Which they did not Do! Jessica stated that they had already trashed the invoice because it was refunded, and will have a meeting with the other managers of the company on 4/19/12 about this. Jessica called me back on 4/19 and stated that the only thing they can do is give me a discount on granite. I told her I Never Gave Authorization, and am entitled to a refund or granite in the amount that I paid! Color Marble Inc is at Fault! They will not give me either refund or granite! I am beyond livid that this company tells me about their policy and then not abide by it? This company is in the Wrong! They were negligent with My Money! Didn’t this America think something suspicious at all when the contractor doesn’t come back with Me to ask for the Refund? Color Marble Inc has Cameras! They know of the scams that happen! I want my Refund or my Granite!They will not accept responsibility for this mistake. n An apology or Discount is unacceptable! They need to give me the amount of granite I payed for or my REFUND in cash! If an invoice can be trashed, will they also trash their video tape to hide the evidence of Their Fault?

20530 Earlgate Street Diamond Bar, California United States of America



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