Color Time Rent To Own West Seneca New York Review


The customer service at the place sucks majorly. They are so rude and have no consideration for their customers. We’ve had problems with them once before where they tried to forcefully enter our house to collect the merchandise, had another problem where one of their drivers left rude notes on the doors when we weren’t home – my parents filed a complaint and that driver did end up getting terminated for the store. nHowever, just over an hour ago my father had another problem with a representative named Chris over the phone. The man told my father “bite me”” then hung up on him. My father called the store back to see when Mike

the owneer would return and was hung up on again. My father then proceeded to call the attorney general and the better business bureau

and by the time he finished those phone calls a representative was at our door looking for him

turns out Chris sent the driver my dad gets along with thinking it would make things all better. nMy father returned to the house after speaking to the driver and immediately called the store back to get the owner

this time he was successful. He told the owner that not even his children

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