Colorado River Adventures fallon Nevada Review


We had a horrible experience from the beginning with this company. They first lie to you and say your name was choosen for a free year of RV camping at their “timeshare like”” resorts. Everyone who puts their name in the box at Camping World gets the solicitation. They promise gifts if you through their presentation before you get the year of Free membership. When you arrive after traveling a very long distance – you are greeted by very rude unwelcoming staff. We were late to our scheduled “”appointment”” due to horrible two lane traffic issues. Ok

so we may have to be rescheduled but to insult us and treat us like crap – uncalled for! I boyfriend said a cus word in a generalized statement because we just drove three hours to get there and they literally threatened us with the sheriff! Really people. Let’s take it to the extreme here. There is nothing of what we were promised and we were so appalled by the way we were treated

it took us hours to get over it. Bottom line unprofessional and out to swindle your money.”

KQ Ranch Road Julien, California United States of America

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