Columbia Auto Group Review


I purchased a used Ford Transit Connect in October 2019. I was told that the vehicle was a stolen title. They showed me a CarFAx report that supposedly represented that the car was clean other than that. After receiving the DMV registration, the vehicle was deemed totaled and salvaged title. | I also was promised a spare tire as was indicated in the contract. It took four months to finally get a spare tire. The tire was used and completely worn out. There were rocks throughout the treads and the wheel was rusted. I was lied to a dozen times that they delivered a tired to my residence. Then I was told that they ordered a new tire and it was there in Portland to be picked up. | When I drove to the dealership, there was no tire. I was told multiple times that they would send me the tire. Nothing but lies after lies from the salesperson and the manager (Yelena and Jake). I was then told that they would make good on the contract, but to no avail. I’ve been lied to over a dozen times. They are very unprofessional and unethical. Don’t be fooled by their own reviews. The dealership apparently changed names a few times over the recent past. | I would definitely NOT recommend them to anyone!


Name: Columbia Auto Group

Country: United States

State: Oregon

City: Portland

Address: 1550 SE 82nd Ave

Phone: 1 503-776-8151


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