Columbia House Morganville New Jersey Review


You know, it’s great how some companies never fail to pat your head with tender benevolence and then, while you’re not looking, mug you and take your money and dignity. This dumb company sent me a CD (that I didn’t order) about 4 months ago. I was at college so I didnt know about this until I came back about 2 months ago. They wrote me a letter saying I should pay the full price of the CD and late charges, threatening me with reporting me to various agencies. I wrote to them about it a couple of times and surprise surprise. No answer. However, they did send me a check for the exact amount of the CD. They didn’t sign it, but the check was in their name. So I figured everything was alright again. nThen they wrote me a letter the other day with yet ANOTHER string of threats. Apparently my late fees somehow magically transformed the price from $16.00 to $89.58.I’ve tried calling them, but apparently Columbia House is run by robots and not real people. Now I’ve referred the matter to my accountant. He’s going to take them to court if they don’t stop this ridiculous scandal. Somebody’s got to do something about this company, ripping off people left and right with no shame to show for it. nKunalnMorganville, New JerseyU.S.A.

1400 North Fruitridge Ave Terre Haute, Indiana U.S.A.


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