Columbia House TV Club salem Oregon Review


i joined columbia house tv club on 03/01/10 but they want me pay $124.84 before the could ship me more of my tv shows i have order i only got five of my selections of tv shows so far don’t bother turning this company it to the bbb because the bbb will take this company edvience over yours i really do want the rest of my dvds i have order on columbiahouse tv club website my order history the items i have order is on backorder but i’am not buying it from them i also told about the merchandise rule that is put by ftc the before they can delay the shippment of the dvds i have order the must give me a option notice of agreeing to delay or canceling of the rest of my shippment dvds i have order that is the federal law this company nonething dongs on them unless someone takes appropriate legal action against this company or they will continue what they want to their customers and consumers i refuse to pay that $124.84 until i see the rest of my dvds h*o buy the way they sent me the wrong halloween 2 and they want me pay for shipping and handling that is bull this company needs to be put out of business once and for all.

1225 south market street mechaniscsburg, Pennsylvania United States of America


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