COMCAST / Xfinity Sunrise Florida


Complaint: 1. We thought COMCAST WAS CALLING TO RESOLVE THE COMPLAINT _ THEY WERE CONOCKING MORE INFORMATION USING THEIR ATTORNIES> WHAT SLIME ! Dear FCC Intake Officer, The complaint initiated against COMCAST/Xfinity has developed into a Collections by [McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff, Inc. Ref#: 30914088_CRCOCP, [email protected], Mar 4 at 12:47 PM This correspondence is intended for the email address that was provided as a valid contact for Pablo Marquez/Pablo Marquez. If you have received this message in error or believe that it was provided in error, please delete this correspondence, and do not disseminate any information contained herein.] This is the bully tactics by COMCAST/Xfinity, they called me repeatedly asking why, and I had to repeat myself several times to these unprofessional people. One of their Agents after telling them about the damage to my property, violations of privacy, a security system later turned into a monitoring system to avoid the hacking and no recording, non responsiveness by their prior customer service reps and paying, paying, paying so taht the neighborhood could have internet, said, “we credited you $10 in the last invoice””. You can see the heavy handed COMCAST/Xfinity will take to continue violating FCC Laws

Tags: Advertising Scam, Antminer Scams, Collection Scam, Computer Scam, Document Overcharge- Scam, Email & Phone Scam, Hacking & Fraud/ Scamming, Ponzi Scam, Scam, Scammed & Ripped Off, Scammers

Address: Privacy Laws

Website: they will continue calling me creating a false legal apparatus

Phone: Business Laws in America. They did not care I mentioned Veteran

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