COMMITTED Jewelry Review


I found Committed Girls Jewelry via Instagram. I was initially enamored by her products and I figured she had to be legitimate because she had a large following and appeared to have loyal customers. Shortly after following her, she posted an item I was highly interested in. I had a few questions about the product and she answered me very promptly. I took a dive and went for it (big mistake). On 5/16/16, she sent me an invoice for $156.00 for the product on PayPal. $150.00 for the product and $6.00 for shipping. Upon paying in full, I did not receive an order status update or a shipping receipt. I gave her a couple weeks and on 5/24/16 I direct messaged her on Instagram (I should have emailed her). She did not read my message let alone open it, although she was going about usual Instagram business (liking other users pictures and posting pictures as well). It disgusted me to think how quickly she responded to me prior the payment in contrast to her ignoring my message. Another disturbing fact is that when I log into my PayPal account, it shows no activity within the past 90 days even though my credit card had been charged THE DAY I PAID THE INVOICE. As of earlier today, I emailed her and have also filed a dispute via PayPal. I will do everything in my power to expose this fradulant individual. Elisa Gomez is “committed”, committed to stealing your money!


Name: COMMITTED Jewelry

Country: United States

State: Alabama





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