Companions and Homeakers Review


Worst Company to work for, if you want to get payed you have to jump through hoops, You are in reality on your own, there is no support and the company itself is so disorganized, if it wasnt for the client I have currently, I would quite, it is the only reason I am working with this company right now! When I joined I was told I would be payed on Saturdays which is true, what I wasnt told is that Faxing my time sheet to the Farmington location is the only way to get payed unless you want to drive 50 minutes to drop it off in person, I was told to have my time sheet in on Fri then I wouldnt get payed, then I was told to have it turned in by Wed which Ive done several, several times, NOW Im being told to turn it in on Tuesdays to get payed by Saturday, I have so little time, I have a large family and dont have time to run around whenever they change their minds, I NEVER get payed on time, it really makes me feel like they could care less about me, their employee, I have almost 15 years of experience and this is how I get treated, not fair at all!!! You will get harassed when you join the company some days you will get 3-4-5-6 calls to work all over the state, if they cannot reach you, they will even call the client you are working for and demand to speak to you, its unprofessional at best and it is embrassing, I strive to make my client feel ‘they’ are what I care about when I am with them, so you can understand how it looks when I am getting calls on their home phones to work elsewhere. If you only work for one client and dont take the companies offer for other jobs you will stop getting called all together, you wont be offered anything then, sort of like a slap for not being a slave, I have one client 4 days a week and sometimes on weekends, after not accepting MULTIPLE clients some on the same days, now I dont get any calls for work, its frustrating to be treated like this. I wouldnt recommend working here, it is frustrating, little pay if any most weeks and their is no good communication! .

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