Completely Fraud Company


This is a complete fraud company who fools people that they do free hair transplant for the children. The reason behind this is they sell off the hair at a good rate and do only fewer donations to show off.
You will never find one single person writing here that their children free hair replacement had been done and they are quite happy with it. The fact is they do the replacement but with a high cost and not free at all. People who donate their hair have such good intension that children suffering from hair loss due to different reasons like cancer can get a hair transplant here. And few parents who are not well off they also think that they can get help from here and make their children happier with hair replacement. We all know that it is a costly procedure and not everybody can afford it. But this company in the name of free hair transplant takes the donation, but they do not help people who need it. Instead, they sell it off at a very high price.
I experienced this as a silent observer from quite a few months and then also started contacting a few parents of children whose hair needs a transplant. I sent parents here to get the transplant-free of cost. But then when parents approached the organization, they were either simply denied else charged a huge amount of money.
I seriously will not recommend anybody to donate their hair here as you are doing it as a social cause but it is never been utilized by the needy people and their children.

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