Fraudulent Charges On My Credit Card


My Complaint: I ordered an elbow support from this website and within a few hours, my bank contacted me and informed me that a fraudulent transaction had just taken place on my credit card. The transactions queried were, one for $35 at Compressionsports and the other for a laptop at an apple store with a value of $1,000. I informed my bank that the compression sports was a legitimate transaction (at least I thought it was) and the laptop transaction was not. My CC was then cancelled. I waited for a number of weeks and had not received my product from Compression Sports. I emailed them on 3 separate occasions regarding non-delivery of my item but no response. Over 8 months later I still have not received my product. Do not use this website!


My Demand: Provide me with the product I paid for or give me my money back!

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