CompUSA Brooks Georgia Review


I purchased a US Robotics router on CompUSA’s website on January 2, 2006. There were 3 rebates for the router, bringing the final price down quite significantly. nUnfortunately, when I applied for the rebates, I was told that I did not submit the correct UPC code. Since I copied everything I had sent, I checked to see if this was true. nNow, I did not personally have the router in my possession, since it was bought for someone else. Lo and behold, I found out that CompUSA sent an access point–not a router. Obviously, this was why the UPC code was “incorrect.”” nAs expected (unfortunately)

CompUSA was no help at all. They said that because the product did not have the UPC code

there was nothing that could be done. nI find this appalling

especially considering I have copies of everything I submitted–including the UPC code. I fully understand why CompUSA wants the UPC code still attached (inventory


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