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Well first off I would like to mention that this is the first time I have ever taken the time out of my day to write a review. Hands down the worst business I have ever encountered in my life. Let’s begin. I went into the store with a $300 printer and $300 dollar Mac. My goal was to trade in these items. So those items for a keyboard for my iPad, to fix my cracked screen on my phone, phome case, and portable printer. I traded my items for the items I mentioned above. So he said he would have my phone screen ready by the evening.. Ultimately, it took two days to get my phone back. I was promised a new screen.. But no, I received a used screen with scratches on it. So I’m unhappy immediately. following that, he said my keyboard for my iPad would be in the store within 3 days. Nope, that took 8 days. not to forget.. The keyboard stopped working completely after 3 weeks. Oh, I never got my phone case.. But, the most frustrating part was the printer. He told me I would get it by Tuesday at the latest and I was in on the Thursday beforehand. It took 9 weeks. Yes, 9 unbelievable weeks in which he never called me back once. The greatest part about it was that he said he ordered a cannon portable printer for about $200. Nope, I got a shoddy HP printer that is only worth $60. The greatest part about it was that it wasn’t even a portable printer. It was a home primter. That completely defeated the purpose of what I wanted. Now, I have to lug around a big printer with my business. so clearly Syed failed me as a customer in every way. I received a used and scratched iPhone screen, never got my phone case, he got me the wrong printer, and the keyboard stopped working very shortly after getting it. He literally did not follow through on any promise he made me and either gave me used items which he promised to be new or the product stopped working. He intentionally screwed me over in every way he could think of. But all of what I have listed doesn’t even add up to how he treated me. He swore at me, yelled at me, belittled me, all because of his own ignorance and inability to think. He literally told me to ‘f*** off’ and said ‘your a piece of s***’ with many other things he said. The funny thing is this. He said that I was harassing his business. He told me I would get my printer on Tuesday. It took 9 weeks!!!. I called every day, Monday through Friday for two weeks and said. ‘Hello, this is nick calling about my printer.. Where is it?’ Malinda, the employee said I’m not sure and syed will call you back. That literally happened every day for 2 weeks and I never received a call back. Not once!!!!! He then said you are harassing me and if you call again I will report you to the police. How is that even logical? That is nonsense. I was promised my printer and it took 9 weeks!! When in fact , he was harassing me and swearing at me. How about this? Call me back… Basic communication buddy and I won’t have to call everyday.. IDIOT. Plesse anyone who is reading this.. do not go here. Do not. If there is a lawyer who is working on a case please contact me and I will be happy to assist in any way possible. Also, when I arrive to get my printer he says ‘ oh, I’m changing the deal, this transaction is not through my business, this is a personal deal through me.’ uncanny, I know.. You can’t just say oh well I’m switching the deal now. A complete joke. Trust me, I own my own business and i know how bad reviews really hurts a business. But I went out of my way to do this because in my entire life I have never experienced such an inadequate business and person as Syed. He was rude, yelled at me, harassed me, failed in every product that I wanted, everything was used when he promised me new, all the products broke or failed within a month, and was very abusive. .

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