Computer Surplus Outlet las cruces New Mexico Review


I bought a new wireless key board wrapped up in its origanal package sold as brand new.wen i got home and opened my new keyboard i noticed it had rmbs in between the keys and the keys wuold stick. it was filthy so i took it back the next day aske for a new one. so i went through the boxs and they were all alike. filthy and usless.they could of at leat cleaned um up a bit the might of gotten away with it.the cashier gave a bit of an attitude towards me it was a horrible exprience.he did not want to give me my money back.end of story ive been ripped off what can i do odd thing about it was that they were all dell keyboards model rt7d40 nMarcnlas cruces, New MexicoU.S.A.

504 S Salono Dr Las Cruces, New Mexico U.S.A.


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