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Complaint: My wife dropped off the car at the service department to have some work done due to a flood. She presented an insurance estimate and everything seemed fine. I called a couple days later to see what they found. They had not started the work yet and I authorized them to start the work according to the estimate. My wife pick up the car and pressured her into paying their $97/hr labor rate when the estimate called for $48/hr. This was the first time they indicated they would not accept the insurance labor rate. They said their labor rate was posted on the board and that is what they were owed. I went down to discuss the bill after payment and spoke with Tim in the Nissan Service Department as the Subaru Service Department was closed. Tim seemed to acknowledge that things were not handled correctly and had me go back to the insurance company and have them write the estimate with a mechanical labor rate instead of a body shop labor rate. I then spoke with Matt in the Subaru Service Department. They stated the allowance was not enough and that he would call the insurance company. All I kept hearing from Matt was that the insurance company never called him back. The insurance company was always prompt with my calls and emails. Next I went to Gene, the Service Director. He also stated he would make an inquiry with the insurance company. After more than a week he told me they never returned his call. I asked that he call the supervisor if he was having problems. Suddenly he made contact with the Claim Representative the next day. Gene told me that they would not increase the labor rate. He continued to say that Matt told him my wife agreed to the $97 dollar labor rate. Well, either Matt or Gene is a liar. Funny, in all the calls I made, nobody told me before that my wife agreed to the labor rate – which she did not. I sent an email to Stuart who is co-cowner of the dealership. He also pointed to the fact that their labor rate was posted and thought the real issue might be with the insurance company. Obviously the problem is with Concordville Subaru / Nissan. There was no need to address anything with the insurance company until my wife was pressured into paying the bill they presented. Stuart seems to think they are OK with surprising us with an additional $49/hr an hour because it was posted on the board. Is that how you would want to be treated?

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Address: Route 202 Concordville, Pennsylvania United States of America


Phone: 610-459-8900

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