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Consumer Complaint against Connective Rx, rebate program administrators for Allergan, Inc. | I am writing to report unfair practices at Connectiv Rx (with address listed as 200 Jefferson Park , Whippany, NJ 07981 and PA 400 Holiday Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15220), a fulfillment company contracted by Allergan to administer the co-pay card / rebate program for Restasis, an Allergan product. The promise of the copay card is a reimbursement of expenses ($0 co pay for 90-day refills) on Allergan. Attached is the card issued to Maria Reyes (ID#28971097495). | With regards to attached CVS Caremark invoice (Summary order -000002656141328 for $60) we filed a claim as required by program well before the promotion’s expiration (one year after the first purchase which was July 17th 2018). Connective Rx requested more information which we emailed on August 29th. Summarily, the program’s rebate for this should be $60. | In the absence of any more word from the company and with the rebate still unsent, we followed up MULTIPLE times and have had a series of run arounds. All types of excuses, bordering on the absurd (“only managers can access emails sent in”, “no direct emails/direct phone lines”), the overused ( “manager is in a meeting” / “manager is out to lunch”) to the non-responsive ( long hold times leading to telephone calls being dropped) were employed to avoid addressing our issue and rebate. After the multiple calls and threat to report the company to consumer advocates, account service rep issues a NEW card that now only has a $25 rebate and will be sending the $25 (rather than $60) check! This is when I decided to report Connective Rx. | In business, delays and mistakes are made. INCOMPETENCE and LAZINESS abound in many facets of industry and because we are human, we all make mistakes. Mistakes are acceptable. What is unacceptable is fraudulent practices meant to take advantage of consumers by using malicious tactics (delaying tactics) and false advertising. Connective Rx and its sister company Select Corp (Level 1 help) are in the business of duping honest consumers and users of their product and this program. Allergan, if it fails to act on this and any other complaint against Connective Rx, should be held complicit as it should set direction for all its third-party vendors. Big corporations should not be allowed to take advantage of consumers, especially those who trust them with their health care. | I urge your office to look into these companies (primarily Connective Rx) and require them to document all complaints against them and face the consequences of their chosen actions. Below are the calls and resulting (non) action from Connective Rx and the personnel involved in these calls. I hope that all the consumers who have been bamboozled by this incompetent company hear back from your office. I also hope that Connective Rx feels the $25 they saved is worth it. | Below is the chronology of events: (LR=Lynn Reyes, BR=Ben Reyes) | 10/16- Representative “Craig” opened case for Level 2 help (case 1302678) and advised “someone will call”. NO CALLS were received. | 10/19-Representative “Lou Anne “promised a call back from a supervisor within the same day-NO CALLs were received. | 10/22 -Representative “Erin” promised a call back from supervisor within 1-3 days. No calls received | 11/6-Representative “Margene P” put BR on hold after requesting a supervisor until phone cut off | 11/7-Representative “Allan R” promised to look into case and advise manager. 1107AM , Team lead Georgette” called and left a message with LR. | 11/7-Spoke to Representative “Margene P”: Left message for rep for “Georgette” in the morning was told she is in a meeting ( left message to call BR back) | 11/-Representative “Craig”: left message for “Georgette” to call back BR ( was told she was at lunch). NO CALL BACK | 11/7-Representative “Bruce” looked into case and promised resolution by end of day. By end of day, I call , and Bruce reveals that the card was expired (it was NOT EXPIRED when we filed the claim) and will instead send us $25 (not $60) which is the amount for the NEW promotion.


Name: ConnectiveRx

Country: United States

State: New Jersey

City: Whippany

Address: 200 Jefferson Park

Phone: 908-809-6100


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