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I purchased a refrigerator, washer and dryer from Conn’s in February of 2012 for a total of $3000. The washer and dryer were low end GE models and the refrigerator was a low end Samsung. I have had my refrigerator serviced 3 times. I was told that the refrigerator only makes 16 ice cubes in a 24 hour period. I recently called customer service because my washing machine was making my white clothes dirtier than they were when they went in. I cleaned the washer with regular cleaners and the Washing Machine cleaning solution, did not fix my problem. It only took a week for the service tech to come out, he contacted GE (he did not know what he was doing). Had GE on speaker phone, GE told him that the washer was not functioning properly and that it needed to be replaced. When I purchased this set per the contract, the appliances are covered for the full time that they are being paid for (3 years). The Conn’s service tech wrote down a number and a case number then told me to call the number so that they can send out a replacement. I called the number and it was a number to GE warranty department, who told me that my machine was no longer under warranty and that I can replace it with another model (the model I have is no longer being manufactured) for the discounted price of $185. I explained that it was still under warranty and GE stated it might be under Conn’s warranty but not the manufacture warranty. I contacted Conn’s and presented my case explaining what was told to me by GE and that Conn’s needed to either fix or exchange my washer. I was then informed that the Conn’s technician closed my ticket stating that the machine was working properly. After explaining again to the phone rep, I was told that they would have to start another ticket and have a service person come out again. I now have another appointment in a little over a week from now. I still have no washer, and I am paying for a washer but washing my clothes at a laundr-o-mat. The other problem have with Conn’s is that there have been times that I would setup payments to Conn’s in advanced for certain amounts and they would debit my account for more than the amount that was agreed upon, this has happened 6 times since I have had this account. I now have them debiting from a pre-paid credit card that I only place the amount agreed upon on the card to prevent them from taking more money out of my account.

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